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On this website you may retrieve information on how to establish the connection between your institution's digitalized collection data and the GeoCASe (Geosciences Collection Access Service) internet portal in five easy steps.

1. Installation of the BioCASe Provider Software

The BioCASe (Biological Collection Access Service) Provider Software mediates between the local data source and the GeoCASe portal. Queries from the portal are transmitted to the BioCASe Provider Software, which connects to the database and sends an XML (Extensible Markup Language) reply back to the portal, containing the requested information.

The BioCASe Provider Software is easy to install and may be obtained from the BioCASe website.

A very handy official installation guide is made available by BioCASe.

2. Establishing the Connection between BioCASe Provider Software and Local Data Source

As soon as the Installation of the BioCASe Provider Software is completed, the connection to the local data source may be established from within the program interface.
Please use the offical documentation offical documentation for further information.

3. Description of the Database Structure

The description of the database structure may be done from within the interface of the BioCASe Provider Software. This step is documented here.

4. Mapping

The GeoCASe portal makes use of the ABCDEFG-XML-Scheme (Access to Biological Collections Data Extended for Geosciences), which was developed for the project, extending GBIF's (Global Biodiversity Information Facility) ABCD-XML-Scheme (Access to Biological Collections Data) for paleontologcial, geological and mineralogical concepts, such as concepts on stratigraphy.

To map your database for use with the ABCDEFG-XML-Scheme, please refer to the offical documentation.

Please take notice of the mandatory concepts, which have to be mapped for a successful registration with the portal. Additionaly, mapping concepts on stratigraphy is mandatory for the connection with the GeoCASe portal.

5. Establishing the Connection between BioCASe Provider Software and the GeoCASe Portal

For registration with the GeoCASe Portal, simply send the URL of your DSA referring to your data source to