Making geosciences collection data openly and universally available to foster scientific research development internationally and to support the public use of these data are the goals and principles of GeoCASe.

Using data available through the GeoCASe network requires agreeing with the following:

Data Use Agreement

  1. The quality and completeness of data cannot be guaranteed. Users employ these data at their own risk.
  2. Users shall respect restrictions of access to sensitive data.
  3. Users must publicly acknowledge, in conjunction with the use of the data, the data providers whose biodiversity data they have used.  Data providers may require additional attribution of specific collections within their institution.
  4. Users must comply with additional terms and conditions of use set by the data provider. Where these exist they will be available through the metadata associated with the data.
  5. GeoCASe does not assert any intellectual property rights in the data that is made available through its network.
  6. The data provider warrants that they have made the necessary agreements with the original owners of the data that it can make the data available through GeoCASe network.
  7. The data provider makes reasonable efforts to ensure that the data they serve are accurate.
  8. Responsibility regarding the restriction of access to sensitive data resides with the data provider.
  9. The data provider includes stable and unique identifier in their data so that the owner of the data is known and for other necessary purposes.
  10. GeoCASe is not liable or responsible, nor are its employees or contractors, for the data contents; or for any loss, damage, claim, cost or expense however it may arise, from an inability to use the GeoCASe network.